About us

ZTS VVÚ KOŠICE, a. s. is a private joint-stock company operating in the field of engineering (machinery) and electro technical products. The history of the ZTS VVU KOSICE company began in the year 1976 when a part of the drafting department of the former VSS n.p. Kosice has been set apart. Because of organizational changes causing the incorporating VSS n.p. KOSICE into the concern ZTS Martin and following embodying of the development factory into the research-development basic of the concern ZTS Research and Development Institute Kosice was arisen as an independent legal subject in the year 1981. The institute ensured development of commercial vehicles, heavy hydraulic manipulators, transport and handling systems and small electronic control systems for production, technological and transport processes, special technics ( means of rear armies and engineering technique on automotive carriages ), forming machines, high-speed stamping press lines and stationary gear units. In the year 1990 the ZTS concern was disintegrated and on July 1st, 1990 the ZTS VVU Kosice was formed as an independent state enterprise. In the frame work of transformation process the ZTS VVU Kosice was transported to a joint-stock company and was privatized in the first wave of privatization in the years 1992 – 1993. At the present time the firm employs 99 employees which ensure development, production, complex delivery and service of equipment in the traditional fields for domestic customers as well as for customers abroad.

Our philosphy

Our basic philosophy is to achieve a high degree of quality and top technical level of delivered products. In the construction of equipment, we basically use components from reputable suppliers with quality management system certificates according to ISO 9000, which guarantees their high reliability.

Naša ponuka

  • Unique solutions
  • Transport and handling systems
  • Equipment for nuclear power plants and their decommissioning
  • Special vehicles, military equipment
  • Robots and manipulators
  • Production machines and equipment
  • Industrial automation, information systems
  • Equipment for the metallurgical industry