The company ZTS VVÚ KOŠICE, a. s. is guided by a vision that characterizes it as an established, technically proficient and flexible research and engineering entity, integrating research and development activities with production and trade, which is constantly improving its products. We are aware that we will fulfill this vision only with the help of qualified, motivated and satisfied employees. Such a personnel base is a basic prerequisite for fulfilling strategic goals and achieving sustainable development and prosperity. Due to the focus of the company and the fact that we manage to produce ever better and more sophisticated products, the quality and number of professionals whose skills and enthusiasm we use is increasing. We are happy to welcome experts from the field of electrical and engineering industry, as well as from the sphere of trade and economics. For positions where internship is not a prerequisite, there is also room for talented students and recent university graduates. For excellent and quality work, we offer employees security, work and salary progress, adequate earnings, employee benefits, the possibility of continuous education and development.


Free positions


Finance Department:

Sales and Marketing Department

- Sales representative for the Slovak Republic

- Sales Representative for Europe

- Sales Representative for Asia

Mechanical Engineering Division:

- Mechanical engineer in research and development

- Engineer designer, designer of industrial equipment, machines, motors, drives

- Machine and equipment designer

- Welding technologist

- Technologist

Electronic Systems Division:

- Electrical engineer in research and development

- Programmer for computer systems application

- NN electrical designer

- SKR designer

- Programmer for control systems

- Project manager for the implementation of projects in the field of nuclear energy, logistics systems and automated production units

- Measurement specialist - programmer of SCADA and MES systems

- Electrical designer for robotic systems

- Electrical designer

Production Division:

- Toolbox

- Metalworker

- Stainless steel welder with certification

- Thin-walled material welder

Information for job seekers



Finance Department is the first place to get your job application. Here it is assessed, then evaluated and here there is a mutual communication with the candidates during the selection procedure.

Your requests will be addressed employees of Finance Department

Your requests will be addressed employeesriaditel.ueap@ztsvvu.eu

We publish information on vacancies on our homepage www.ztsvvu.eu in the Vacancies section, or on the website www.profesia.sk

Registration for the competition

You can apply for the vacancy by sending a job application (motivation letter) and a CV (personnel questionnaire). You can also use the following personnel questionnaire (doc) for this purpose. You can send these documents by e-mail or mail.

Job application

In the application or cover letter, you should state why you are interested in the job position, what exceptional skills, abilities, knowledge and qualities you have for the given job position, why you are the right employee for us.

Curriculum vitae

A properly written resume must include all the important facts about the job you are interested in. Ie. it must contain information about your education, courses, trainings, skills and knowledge, work experience and other benefits that you offer to our company in your person. Be sure to include your telephone contact in your resume or application.

Pursuant to the provisions of Act No. 18/2018 Coll. On personal data protection, we cannot record your personal data in the company database without your prior choice. Therefore, it is important to send or personally deliver to our address a hand-signed statement containing your consent to the registration of your personal data in the database of ZTS VVÚ KOŠICE, a. s. The statement can also be found at the end of your CV.

What happens after you submit your job application

After receiving your job application and resume, we will assess your qualifications and skills in relation to the company's current and future staffing needs. If there is no presumption that we will find a job for you in our company, we will return your application together with your CV. We do not send documents sent by e-mail back, but we delete them. Candidates who meet the requirements for the vacancy are invited to a competition.


The competition may consist of several rounds and the candidate will take part in face-to-face interviews, & nbsp; language or professional tests. In the case of managerial and specialist positions, the selection procedure may take place through an external organization.

The evaluation of the results of individual candidates depends on the size of the selection procedure, it takes a maximum of 2 weeks. All candidates who participated in the selection process are then contacted by our staff and informed about the results.

If you think that you meet our requirements, contact us or present us your proposal for cooperation.

Documents to download

Personnel questionnaire

Personnel questionnaire

Consent to the processing of personal data

Consent to the processing of personal data

Information for students and doctoral students


Who we 're looking for

If you are one of the students or doctoral students who want to work in the field of engineering, electronics or trade and you are interested in cooperation with a company that will appreciate your talent, contact us.

For successful and capable students and doctoral students, our company offers several opportunities to manifest and develop.

What we demand

  • active knowledge of one world language
  • good study results
  • active approach to work tasks
  • independence and dynamic thinking

What we offer

  • implementation of professional practice in our company
  • elaboration of professional year, diploma and scientific works
  • professional and consulting assistance in the study, processing of diploma theses
  • in the case of professional prerequisites, the solution of partial research tasks

If you think that you meet our requirements, contact us or introduce us to your proposal for cooperation.

Documents to download

Personnel questionnaire

Personnel questionnaire

Consent to the processing of personal data

Consent to the processing of personal data