Bridge car AM 70

Truck – bridge carrier (with load parameters of the bridge in category MLC 70) will be from manufacturer Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH type HX 32.440 8×8 (HX 77), which as a mobile bridge vehicle will be designed to quickly bridge dry and water obstacles in times of crisis, emergency and III. degree of flood activity. The bridge field itself makes it possible to connect individual bridge fields with each other. The bridge field (so-called bridge deck) is a scissor type with a 4-beam lightweight construction. The bridge deck is full, equipped with curbs, railing with a height of 1.2 m and the possibility of connecting a pedestrian bridge.
It is fully compatible with older generations of AM-50 bridges used in the Slovak Armed Forces.



The vehicle is designed to transport, lay and load one bridge field. Several vehicles will thus be able to assemble a bridge with several bridge fields by gradually connecting them. The bridge can be folded and loaded from any side.


  • modified vehicle chassis
  •  bulldozer equipment integrated on the chassis
  •  a stacking facility for handling the bridge
  •  scissor-type bridge with 4-beam lightweight structure;
  • telescopic support
  •  the electrical and hydraulic system of the device
  •  control.
    Control is meeting the ECE 79 requirements and applicable legislation and laws:
  • left-hand side with hydraulic booster
  •  adjustable steering wheel in two axes.
    Brake system is meeting the requirements of EHK 13 and the requirements of applicable legislation and laws:
  •  disc brakes on all wheels
  •  brake cylinders – front diaphragm, rear diaphragm, spring
  •  ABS – with the possibility of changing the way of regulation or off-road driving,
  •  filling compressed air connection (inflation from a foreign source)
  •  tire inflation connection.

Technical data:

General parameters:

Climatic resistance:

  • temperature range – working -32 ° C to + 49 ° C (temporarily + 55 ° C)
    • storage -33 ° C to + 71 ° C
  • relative humidity 78% at + 28 ° C
  • dust concentration up to 1 g.m-3
  • reduced atmospheric pressure up to 736 hPa

Overall dimensions and weights:

  • total length with blade 11 090 mm
  • overall width 3,500 mm
  • total height 4,000 mm
  • length of the obstacle overcome by one bridge field 12.0 m
  • total maximum length of the bridge 108 m
  • total maximum permissible combination weight 33,600 kg

Service:    2 people