Bridge car AM40

The AM-40 bridge car will be used in rescue work during natural disasters, forestry work, in construction and everywhere where it is necessary to overcome an obstacle.


The AM-40 is a wheeled self-propelled vehicle, the superstructure of which consists of a single bridge field with a removable support. Thanks to this bridge field, it is able to bridge an obstacle with a width of 2 to 12.5 m and a depth of 1.5 m. By connecting several bridge fields (max. 8 fields) it is possible to bridge an obstacle from 12.5 m to 106 m, with a depth of 2 to 6 m. The AM-40 overcomes a ford with a depth of 1.4 m, including a wading wave. Bridges built over an obstacle can be used for temporary bridging of obstacles, but also for long-term to several-year bridging, provided that the conditions of proper treatment are observed. The bridge car can be equipped with an automated bridge construction control system with autonomous diagnostics. The AM-40 bridge car can be equipped with a bulldozer blade, which allows landscaping for the construction of the bridge as well as modifications of access roads. The AM-40 can be transported by rail as well as on low-load semi-trailers on roads.

The AM-40 superstructure can be mounted on practically all known brands of trucks, which allows the vehicle to be tailored to each customer.

Technical parameters:

  • load capacity:      40 tons