The HAMSTER is a miniature, fast deployable, rugged, hand-carried, unmanned system. It is designed to support several units such as SWAT, Public Safety, Military, and Law Enforcement. The HAMSTER can enter small and confined spaces, above or underground, to explore hazardous areas while relaying intelligence and reconnaissance information in real time.



Innovative lightweight miniature system suitable for any military, law enforcement, or public safety ISR missions.
A Hand-carried, ruggedized and throwable system fit for extreme conditions: indoors, outdoors, urban warfare or disaster zones.
Controlled by a ruggedized tablet, allows operators to successfully complete any tactical mission from a safe stand-off distance, reducing exposure to hazards.



SWAT Operations
Mobile Communication Relay
Subterranean and Culvert Inspection
Public Safety
Urban Warfare


Dimensions (L x W x H)                                                   20 x 23 x 11 cm
Military Standards                                                            Ruggedized, IP65
Weight                                                                                1,6 kg
Max Payload Weight                                                        2 kg
Speed Communication                                                    5 km/h
Operating Range                                                               Secure digital encrypted 350 m
Power Supply                                                                     12V Replaceable battery
Working Time                                                                     2 hour battery
Payload Ports                                                                    Ethernet, RS232, audio, video
Mechanical Interfaces                                                      Picatinny rail
Video & Cameras                                                               2 integrated cameras for real time day & night video + zoom,
laser & audio
Sensor Tilt Module                                                            +/- 90 °
Illumination Module                                                          NIR LED, adjustable brightness
Operational Temperature (MIL STD.)                             -20 ° C až 60 ° C