Viscous container KRAO type PKI / B

It is used for the transport of highly viscous RAW from the place of their origin to the place of disposal resp. storage. It consists of a stainless steel tank housed in a carbon steel shield, which has damping zones at the top and bottom, and fittings. The tank contains a pump, stirrer, level sensors and spray nozzles to decontaminate the inside of the tank. Filling the tank is by means of an external source, emptying by its own pump. Ball valves in the filling, emptying and decontamination branches are electrically operated. The operation of the container is controlled remotely from the panel by connecting 2 cables with connectors to the container. The container is equipped with spirals for electric heating of the medium and its temperature sensor. Transport is provided by a truck fixed to the loading area (see PKIII).


Technical parameters:

  • total weight with filling max. 3,450 kg
  • curb weight 3 160 kg
  • tank volume – total 400 dm3
  • tank volume – operating 300 dm3
  • power supply – power 3 PEN 50 Hz 220 V
  • power supply – power consumption max. 3 kW
  • operating ambient temperature +5 to + 50 °