Pontoon bridge set PMS

Pontoon bridge set PMS is a standardized folding structure of a bridge on floating supports, intended for the establishment of bridge and transport crates. From the material of the set it is possible to build bridges on floating supports with a load capacity of 20 t and 60 t and ferry units with a load capacity from 20 to 70 t. The 60-tonne bridge allows tanks to pass at speeds of up to 30 km / h. at intervals of 30 m / which is equal in meters to the speed of travel in km. /. The entire pontoon bridge set can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer.


The whole pontoon system consists of:

  • 32 pcs of river parts intended for transport on 8×8 cars
  • 4 pcs of coastal parts intended for transport on 8×8 cars
  • 36 pcs 8×8 with a superstructure for the transport of river and coastal parts
  • 4 pcs FLATRACK container road carrier
  • 4 pcs HOOK LOADER 8 × 8 with modification for road carrier transport
  • 4 pcs Tug
  • 4 pcs Tandem trailer for boats chassis towed behind trucks.
  • 2 pcs Flatbed 6×6 – flatbed 4 500 tons for transporting equipment
  • 2 pcs Equipment required for PMS assembly

Technical parameters:

  • According to customer requirements