The RETRIEVER remote controlled device is able to move in space in order to search for and examine suspicious objects. The survey is able to perform up to a distance of 100 m in means of transport intended for public transport such as bus, train, plane and the like. RETRIEVER with its dimensions allows movement in the aisles of the bus, plane, train. The handling arm will ensure the inspection and handling of suspicious objects which are stored in said means freely or in storage areas.



  • for searching for booby – trapped explosive systems
  • for pyrotechnic and chemical research
  • to check suspicious objects with an X-ray kit

The basic version of the RETRIEVER consists of the following parts:

  • chassis
  • control unit
  • handling arm
  • accessory

The basic version can be supplemented with the following equipment:

  • tilting arms with drives for wheeled chassis variants
  • lateral stabilization supports – additional surveillance camera front, rear or both
  • control via optical cable with pulling the cable out of the drum and manual rewinding
  • control via optical cable with winding and unwinding mechanism located on the chassis of the device
  • transport cases
  • an X-ray kit for identifying suspicious objects
  • software for teleoperator arm control mode