Heavy rescue vehicle RV-20

The RV-20 rescue vehicle was developed especially for military purposes, but it is also used in the civilian sphere during natural disasters. The fully rotating crane has a telescopic extension arm with a load capacity of 15,000 kg. The 4 hydraulically operated supports are in the extended position during operation of the crane. The automatic leveling device allows the crane to operate without any restrictions, even with a slope of up to 5 °. The release device consists of a main winch, which is equipped with a 100 m steel rope. The maximum reel tension is 240 kN (24,500 Kg). The main winch can also be used for self-release from the front of the vehicle. The dozer blade located in the front of the vehicle is designed for removing obstacles, landscaping. The blade contains an eye with which it is possible to secure the crane arm in case it is turned forwards during transport. The vehicle is also equipped with an auxiliary winch with a 300 m long rope with a traction of 8.2 kN. A special device located in the rear of the RV-20 allows towing the vehicle with suspended and raised front axle (lifting force 130 kN). A vehicle weighing up to 65,000 kg can be towed behind the RV-20 on a tow bar. The large-scale superstructure allows the carrying of a wide range of specialized tools and fixtures for liberation work, repair tools, including a set for cutting, grinding and welding, power plant, or other equipment up to a total weight of 7,000 kg.


Technical parameters

  • Crane type fully rotating, swivel type, telescopic – single extension
  • Boom operating angle 0 ° -55 °
  • Telescopic boom extension 3.2 m
  • Additional equipment boom swivel attachment
  • Basic boom block quadruple with final rope, single hook
  • Maximum load 16,000 kg
  • Rotary extension of the pulley single rope suspension
  • Maximum load capacity with a maximum boom extension of 5,000 kg
  • Minimum crane unloading 2.15 m
  • Maximum crane unloading 7.9m
  • Maximum crane unloading with swivel attachment 11.35 m
  • Permissible inclination of the road when working on supports and wheels 5 °
  • Drum winch, hydraulic with disc brake, horizontal winch axis
  • Rope diameter 18 mm
  • Gross vehicle weight (* when using Tatra 816-8×8) 32 315 kg
  • Max. road speed 100 km / h
  • Max. towed vehicle weight 65,000 kg
  • Wading 1.25 m
  • Throughput through a vertical wall 0.6 m
  • Trench clearance 2, 0 m
  • Max. pitch angle 45 °
  • Max. side tilt angle 30 °