Transport equipment (TES)

Equipment for CERN

Device for precise spatial positioning of dimensionally and massively bulky bodies. The robotic device with control of up to 12 axes will find its use especially in a confined space with limited mobility.
It was developed on the basis of a winning international tender for CERN Geneva.

The device was awarded the CERNU gold medal.


Technical parameters:

  • Maximum load 34,000 kg
  • Maximum loading length 16,000 mm
  • Transport accuracy against a defined path ± 0.1 mm
  • Load capacity of one module 20,000 kg
  • Maximum module height 300 mm
  • Maximum stroke 150 mm

The device was used to take the cryomagnet from the vehicle and place it precisely on the marked rectification points on the accelerator track at CERN, Geneva. The relative position of the TES, cryomagnet and rectification points was determined by surveying with a geodetic station. The measured values were downloaded from the station to the control computer and, based on a mathematical model, the trajectories were recalculated to take over the cryomagnet and store it on the rectification points. In the transport process, 12 motors are controlled to ensure the resulting transport trajectory.