AV-15 rescue car

The AV-15 crane and rescue vehicle is a specialized vehicle designed for the removal of damaged or stuck belt and wheeled military equipment, when performing equipment repairs in field conditions. In civil conditions, it finds application especially in the elimination of the consequences of natural disasters, the removal of obstacles. It is possible to perform crane work with loads with max. weighing 15 t. The necessary landscaping and earthworks is provided by a bulldozer blade. The crane superstructure can be mounted on practically all known brands of trucks, which allows the vehicle to be tailored to each customer.


Technical parameters:


  • Length (rear boom): 12,300 mm
  • Height: 3,360 mm
  • Width including bulldozer blade: 2 570 mm
  • Clear height: 320 mm

Approach angle:

  • Front: 18 °
  • Rear: 29 °
  • Standby weight: 30,000 kg
  • Maximum trailer trailer weight:
  • On the road: 65,000 kg
  • In the field: 15,000 kg

Unloading the crane:

  • smallest: 2 m
  • largest with base boom: 7.7 m
  • with extension: 11.4 m
  • working range of the crane: 360 °
  • crane capacity
  • with basic boom when unloading 3 m on supports: 15,000 kg
  • with extension at maximum support extension: 4,000 kg

Main winch:

  • with vertical axis of rotation – on the bearing of the crane rotation
  • tensile force at direct tension: 147 kN
  • tensile force through two pulleys: 442 kN
  • working rope length: 150 m

Auxiliary winch:

  • Rope length: 320 m
  • Permitted lateral inclination of the vehicle: 20