Inserting the belt at the entrance KŽ 1

The set of devices for the introduction of the belt and the handling of clippings at the entrance of the Kontižíhacej Line No. 1 allows to operate two line unwinders alternately by non-contact handling.


The devices form an automated unit based on electromagnetic belt conveyors with pressure rollers, feed rollers, electrical equipment with control and double-acting shears, sliding on a trolley, which allows alternating operation of two unwinders of the line. Before inserting the strip into the line, the beginning of the strip is unwound from the coil and cut into several 2-meter pieces with the help of scissors, which are stacked in scrapping containers, such as scrap metal.

Parameters – input coils:

  • diameter: 900-1800 mm
  • width: 726-1010 mm
  • weight: 5 – 15t
  • belt thickness: 0.18-0.4 mm
  • feed speed: 12-57 m / min